The beach

Zarautz has a 2,500 meter-long beach, the longest in Gipuzkoa, known as the "Queen of Beaches".
The promenade crosses the whole town and features many bars, restaurants, ice cream shops, surf schools, playgrounds for children and skate areas.
There is also a golf course besides a walkway over the dunes located at the core of a protected biotope.


Old town

Although the town of Zarautz was founded in 1237, findings of recent archaeological research show that the original settlement can be traced back to the 9th century A.D.
Its historic heritage is worth visiting, including a number of sculptures to be found in the street after participating in international competitions held in town.


In a few minutes, you can leave Zarautz and find yourself in the countryside, surrounded by mountains with farmhouses, hermitages, forests…
There is a broad range of paths to enjoy the countryside around Zarautz. Pagoeta Natural Park, protected biotope of Iñurritza, Gárate-Santa Bárbara SCI, the flysh route in Zumaia...



In Zarautz you will find a broad range of restaurants, steakhouses, cider houses, txakolindegis and traditional bars where you can taste pintxos and txakoli (cool, white sparkling wine), before enjoying the world-known Basque cuisine.
Visitors will find it hard to choose among a tasty grilled fish, a juicy T-bone or a farmhouse chicken.


Zarautz offers many possibilities to sport-lovers: water sports (surf, SUP, diving, canoeing...), land sports (cycling, running, orienting, skateboarding, hiking ...) and air sports (paragliding, hang gliding, model aircraft...).
Zarautz is the cradle of Basque surf, where world-class surfers were born, top-level championships are held and the best infrastructure can be found.